Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about the our products & services ? Check out our FAQ page for all your needs  We have selected some of the most frequently asked questions to give you a better insight into our service spectrum and better understanding about the capabilities of our UAVs and product manufacturing.

Normal Takeoff, catapult Takeoff. Advanced Russian Technology for Online Monitoring Video & SAR Enabled Pawansut Series Of UAVs/UAS/Drones/Pavansut-5AT Model Automatic Mode (Area 2X2 mm).

It can be used for realtime Survilance,Search operation,IR images,Terrain surveys, see upto 3 mtrs underground from sky and conduct any type of operations.

Very economical as it gets integrated with solar Range of products, LED, High Quality of wire,cable,harness, Electronic Transformers for Total Green Energy Solution.
USP- Under one Brand under One Roof, One Stop for all Solutions.

a) It can be Used for Operation in civil sectors, Government sectors, PSUS Indian Railways.
b) NHAI-Highway Servilance.
c) NDRF-For dynamic realtime images/surveillances for land of search/Rescue in hilly territory.
d) Coast Guard,Indian Navy,Indian Army,Air Force.

We Save 30% measurable reduction on the expendeture when compared to present coventional system/process being followed by civil/military/para military,Rescue operations.